The Reformed Slacker

I look like a mermaid! I will eat you alive.

I look like a mermaid!
I will eat you alive.

Lately I have been working my ass off, filming, editing, posting, phone calls, cam sessions. The only difference between now and my usual scheduled effort is that up until recently.. ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve always really just taken the slacker approach. I do well for myself, but have known for a while, if I put in more of an effort, I’ll get more out of it. (Does the word, duh come rushing into your minds as well after reading that last sentence?)

Of course there are plenty of merits to being a slacker.. staying up late, sleeping in late, drinking more than one martini in an evening, watching mindless TV and/or substantial movies.

But, you know, in all actuality, this is kinda nice too:



For the first time in my career I’m actually updating My Clips4Sale Store as much as My Kinkbomb Studio and the response is enough to make this goddess giddy. I’ve always pushed KB and never really put much effort into C4S because of the commission difference and as we established earlier, well, I can be a fucking slacker when it comes to updating; ok?? Well, I can be, but as we also established earlier, I haven’t been.

In November, when all of this “reformed slacker” stuff began, I had my second best month ever on Kinkbomb. Then, in January, I eclipsed that total.  And now in February, things are only getting better for me and my greedy little wallet on various different websites!

So, been busting ass filming new clips..


Awwwhhh; are you a little, lonely loser?

Posting previously-filmed Vegas clips (and there’s so many more to come!):

Li'l piggy is "Taken & Blackmailed!" featuring Goddess Jessica & Mistress Morgan

Li’l piggy is “Taken & Blackmailed!”
featuring Goddess Jessica & Mistress Morgan

And working over bitches on the phone..

The ignore call.. one of my favorite fetishes.

The ignore call.. one of my favorite fetishes.

Yes, another way I have been busting my ass more ferociously is with this new, little phone site: Sinful Call. They have been offering the most generous, and therefore genius promotions over the last few months and (being a reformed slacker) I’m just now getting around to raking in the money, but it’s happening just the same.

Add to my success, whores.

Add to my success, whores.

I won the $1,000 award in my first week on the site, raked in another dozen $100 new member bonuses, and brought in thousands more in calls and content sales! Yes, Sinful Call has added the ability for us to publish videos, audios and pic sets, so be sure to click the link below, keep me satisfied and always wanting more.

I was going to take the next contest off, but as it turns out greed does indeed feed upon itself. And I am currently once again in first place with just under 48 hours to go in the current $1,000 contest. In order to get myself established on the new site and of course win the big award in addition to all the new member bonuses, I decided to start out (like most on the site) at the low rate of $1/ minute. Can you believe that insanity?! This certainly won’t last forever and I’m feeling the need to raise my rates as of Thursday night, once the current contest ends. So it’s basically now or never, whores. Grab those needy balls, squeeze them and fucking do it. And if you’re reading this after Thursday, too bad. Call me at my normal rate (that we all know I quite simply deserve) and you can whimper about what a loser you are to have not found me sooner. Sign up and call now:

I know how much you love my happiness. You probably love that even more than me, sweet mindless slut. Add to my happiness; encourage this reformed slacker to keep it rolling all year long. After all, you like all these new opportunities of worship; don’t you, boy toy? You really are a pathetic, hopeless fuckwad. Now prove it.


*********************************Update 2/20/14***********************************

Guess what? Yep. I won the $1,000 top prize yet again! And while doing so, I doubled my total minutes, and made crazy bank.  Now, time for a break from competition.

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